Closet and Storage Installation Styles


Wall-Hung & Floor-Based Closet Cabinets

The two most common closet systems are those that are wall-hung and those that are floor-based. At Closet Masters, we offer both styles. Each have their pros and cons, so be sure to ask questions and we'll help you pick the style that will work best in your unique space.


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Wall-Hung Closet and Storage Cabinets

Wall Hung Closet CabinetsWith a wall-hung unit, everything hangs from a track that is first installed securely into all of the studs with screws, not nails. Everything is off the floor, which makes it easier to clean.


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Floor-Based Closet and Storage Cabinets

Floor Based ClosetA floor-based unit is configured from the floor up and offers more storage space near the floor. Floor-based systems are the way to go if you want a more traditional look with moldings.





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